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Lawn Health Care Services

Our lawn care programs are designed to create healthy beautiful lawns with each individual clients' needs in mind.  Our goal is to create plush green lawns that are more resistant to diseases, insects and weeds.  A licensed lawn care professional will visit your property to conduct a detailed assessment and will provide you with a free no obligation lawn treatment plan designed to keep your lawn green,  healthy and pest free throughout the year.   Programs consist of the following services:

  • Lawn Fertilization - Conventional or organic fertilizer properly timed to maintain nutrient levels
  • Insect Control - Treatment to eliminate surface feeding insects that can destroy the lawn
  • Weed Control - Management of broadleaf and grassy weeds that can overtake your lawn
  • Grub Control - To prevent root feeding insects
  • Limestone - To maintain PH levels for proper nutrient uptake

Optional Lawn Services:

  • Disease Control - To eliminate leaf spot, red thread and dollar spot
  • Core Aeration - To alleviate compaction and improve air circulation in the soil
  • Slice Seeding - Turf over seeding and/or renovation

Additional Services: 

  • Vegetation Control  - Season long control of broadleaf and grassy weeds in mulch beds, walkways, and gravel driveways
  • Poison Ivy Control - To eliminate poison ivy located on property
  • Tick Treatments - Lawn and perimeter treatment for control of wood and deer ticks
  • Mosquito & Gnat Control - Ideal treatment to be applied before large gatherings
  • Invasive Species Management - Control of invasives such as phragmites in environmentally sensitive areas

Plant Health Care Services 

We are dedicated to the health of your ornamental plants, trees, and shrubs.  A property assessment includes an inventory of all plantings, analysis of soil conditions, exposure to sun, wind and salt and potential or existing pest problems. 

  • Controlled Release Fertilization - Slow release fertilization for strong root growth and optimum foliage development, applied in Spring or Fall
  • Horticultural Oil Application - For the control of overwintering insects and mites
  • Insect Treatments - Properly timed applications based on the plant material on your property
  • Disease Treatments - Properly timed applications based on the plant material on your property
  • Winter Moth Treatment - Organic application for the control of winter moth caterpillars
  • Gypsy Moth Treatment - Organic application for the control of gypsy moth caterpillars
  • Winter Protection - Guards shrubs & trees from winter desiccation.  Prevents windburn, sunscald & salt air damage.  Reduces transplant shock
  • Rose Care - Properly timed treatments as needed to keep your roses healthy and free of insects and diseases throughout the year. 

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